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ChanLu taking a selfie together

chanyeol affectionately wiping lu han’s face



Name: 吴亦凡 Wu Yi Fan

Ethnicity: Chinese

Blood Type: O

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 187cm

Education: Graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver

Individual works: Song 《时间煮雨》, Movie《Somewhere Only We Know》

Special points: Acting, rapping, languages (Chinese…

Best Luck MV - Kyungsoo





SME is judging a group’s popularity through the number of views that’s why they reupload the video and deleted the old one.. I know its unfair right? SO LET’S SHOW OUR POWERS CASSIOPEIA! LET’S PROVE THEM THAT CASSIOPEIA IS STILL A LIVE!


well now if this isn’t ridiculous. good thing every time i click on that thing i get sucked in and then it’s THE NEXT DAY, pretty much.

Are you kidding me? Like WTF SM! What they did is so unfair D: I totally agree with the above comments! 

AGAIN!? MAN THIS IS THE THIRD TIME? Whatever, this is stupid

Changmin’s Darkest Moment?

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it's just all about what we like

hell-o. JR here. reblog and post everything we like. mostly kpop tho. been dealing with aegyo since 2007.

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